Tumble Classes

All tumble classes are 55 minutes. Private lessons at each level are available upon request.


Intro to Tumble (Ages 5 and up)

Athletes with no prior tumbling experience will begin in this class. The athlete will learn the basics of body control, including handstands, cartwheels, forward/back rolls, and bridges.


Tumble 1

Athletes must have mastered the requirements of Intro to Tumble and have prior tumbling experience. This class works on perfecting cartwheels, round-offs, bridge kickovers, front walkovers and back walkovers. Athletes will also learn the importance of stretching and strength training to improve tumbling. Coaches approval required to progress to Tumble 2.


Tumble 2

The tumble 2 class teaches back handsprings, round-off back handsprings, and series back handsprings while cleaning up skills learned in Tumble 1. Athletes will complete stretching and core strengthening. Coaches approval required to progress to Tumble 3.


Tumble 3

Athletes work on back handspring tucks, standing back tucks, round-off back tucks, and punch fronts in Tumble 3. The class will continue to focus on executing skills learned in Tumble 1 and Tumble 2, while continuing to stretch and strength train. Coaches approval required to progress to tumble 4.


Tumble 4 and 5

In the Tumble 4 and 5 classes, athletes work on jumps through to back tucks (toe-touch tucks), round off back handspring layouts, full twisting layouts, and double full twisting layouts. Flexibility and strength are still taught as common core for tumbling.


Stretch and Strength

In our stretch and strength classes athletes focus on the building blocks of cheerleading and gymnastics. Flexibility is achieved through a variety of stretches which will improve tumbling skills, jumps, and technique. Athletes are also taught conditioning exercises that increase their strength, increasing their power to accurately demonstrate skills. We highly encourage this class for any athletes trying out for school programs or any flyers on our cheerleading teams.



During stunt classes, athletes will have the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of performing stunts. Each student will be taught every position (flyer, base, back spot) and will work on flexibility, strength, team building, and accountability.