Recreational Boys Gymnastics

World Xtreme Boys Gymnastics has been a premiere gymnastics program in Georgia for over a decade. Our boys recreational classes focus on teaching proper skill technique, direction following, skill progression and goal setting, along with strength and flexibility. These techniques will be applied on floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar. Athletes in our programs will learn the value of training hard and having fun!



Athletes in this class have either graduated from our Twinkle co-ed class,  or are at least 5 years old. This class will introduce more skills on the men’s apparatus, but still continue training circuits appropriate for their age and stature. They will focus on body positions, balance, hand-eye coordination and learning the basics. (Monday 4:30 pm, Thursday 5:30 pm, Saturday 9 am)


Level 1

Athletes in Level 1 are graduates of our Kindervipers class or are at least 6 years old beginning in the boys program. Focus is placed on learning all 6 men’s apparatuses, as well as some strength, flexibility and the ability to follow directions and work independently. (Monday 5:30 pm, Tuesday 6:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am)


Level 2

Boys in our Level 2 class will work on form, strength and be introduced to new and more challenging gymnastic skills. Many athletes at this level choose to add a second class to increase training endurance and to simulate the competitive team practice times. Upon graduating from Level 2, our athletes will progress to Level 3 class or proceed to pre-team. Athletes proceeding to pre-team must be approved by head coach. (Monday 6:30 pm, Tuesday 5:00 pm, Thursday 6:30 pm, Saturday 11:00 am)


Level 3

The level 3 class is our top recreation class where athletes will be trained on advanced skills, strength and flexibility. 2 classes per week are recommended at this level. Boys in our level 3 may be evaluated for competitive team. (Tuesday 6:00 pm, Saturday 12:00 pm)